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How to Avoid a Knee Replacement

Knees are complicated joints. If you are beginning to suffer from knee pain, there can be a variety of reasons for your pain. When you're overweight, suffer from inflammation, or the muscles around your knee are weak, you are more susceptible to knee pain and may need surgery.

Lose Weight to Reduce Knee Joint Stress

Your knees are responsible for bearing most of your weight when you walk or run. If you are overweight, you are causing stress on your knees that is going to damage your knees further. If you are trying to exercise, find activities such as swimming that are not weight-bearing so that you can lose weight without damaging your knees further.

Strengthen Your Leg Muscles

Your thigh muscles are particularly useful when it comes to avoiding a knee replacement. If your muscles are weak and your knee pain is severe, you can work with a physical therapist to learn exercises that will help your thigh muscles get stronger again. When you have the strength you need in your thigh muscles, your knees will hurt less when you try to walk or jog.

Stay Flexible

One of the best ways to avoid potential knee replacement surgery is to keep moving and keep your knees flexible. If you can ride a bike, do so. This will strengthen your thigh muscles and keep your knees flexible. Consider taking a yoga class to improve your overall flexibility and stretch daily to keep your muscles from getting tight.

Consider Injections from Your Doctor

If pain and inflammation are causing you to stay sedentary, it's time to consider injections to reduce inflammation in your knees. Your doctor has some options, such as corticosteroid or botox to help reduce the inflammation in your knee. Once the inflammation is reduced, you should experience less pain and have more flexibility in your knee.

Good Nutrition Will Help Your Overall Health

When you eat a healthy diet, your weight will hit a more optimum level. If you provide your body with the right nutrients, your inflammation should decrease as well. Eating a healthy diet will also give you the energy you need to remain more active.

If you want to avoid knee replacement surgery, get your weight under control. Stay flexible with regular exercise and eat a healthier diet to remain active.

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