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Evaluating Costs for Your ACL Surgery: What You Need to Know


Athletes are often prone to accidents due to their high level of strenuous activities. One of the most common injuries associated with athletes is the tearing of an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). ACL is a severe knee injury that requires surgery. Orthopedic surgeons are trained to perform this operation, and the price they charge is dependent on several factors.

When performing the surgery, the doctors will place the patient under anesthesia, and it takes 2 hours to have it done. People who undergo this surgery have a recovery period of 9 months before they can go back to their normal activities. It is essential to engage in rigorous physical therapy during the 9 months because it helps the muscles regain their regular strength.

Cost of Having an ACL Surgery

Doctors in the U.S. are very busy, especially when it comes to performing surgery. The number of operations performed in the U.S. each year is estimated to be about 15 million. Surgeries are not cheap, and they are likely to make a dent in an individual’s finances. ACL surgeries are no different. The cost of performing an ACL surgery is dependent on the network rate negotiated by the insurance company and the doctor who is operating. A person’s insurance plan also plays a significant role.

As stated earlier, some doctors perform this surgery by adding anesthesia. However, the cost of receiving surgery under anesthesia is different from the cost of obtaining one without anesthesia. An emergency that may arise during the operation is also another factor that influences the cost. The geological location may also be a factor. We will discuss the cost incurred below:

  • If you have health insurance, it will cost you $800 to $3,000. This cost includes hospital admission fees, post-surgical visits to the doctor, and other expenses that may come along. However, the rest is covered by the insurance company.
  • People without medical coverage have to part with a lot of money. It will cost approximately $20,000 to $50,000 to pay for the surgeon fee, facility fee, anesthesia, and graft.
  • Additional costs include medical equipment such as knee braces and crutches which will add an extra $500. Physical therapy adds a cost of $1,000.

It is possible to have a discounted fee for patients who pay with cash or credit cards. These discounts are negotiable. Not everyone with an ACL injury should undergo surgery. Some people may undergo physical therapy and heal completely. However, consultation with your doctor is necessary. It is also essential to do research and compare prices in different hospitals before deciding which hospital charges the least. After deciding on the hospital, have a serious talk with your doctor to determine the cost.

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