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Surgery Preparation

Surgery Preparation at Treasure Valley Hospital

Important tips to consider when preparing for surgery:

1: Follow Pre-Surgery Prep Instructions.

Most surgeries will have pre-surgery prep instructions. Make sure you follow those directions very carefully, as they will make your operation and post-op experience better.

2: Don't Put it Off.

Delaying surgery that you and your doctor have agreed that you're ready for may allow your condition to worsen. To avoid further complications, get your surgery done as soon as possible.

3: Be aware of surgery specifics and possible complications.

While you can only hope for the best, you must be aware of possible complications. Ask your doctor about potential complications prior to the day of surgery. If you know symptoms of a complicatoin, you can recognize it early and sto the problem from escaping your control.

4: Plan for recovery time.

Some surgeries will require you to stay in-house for a day or two to monitor your safety. Expect recovery times and safety delays after surgery. Even if your surgery went exactly as planned, your stay may be extended for your own safety.